How much danger would you face for the perfect romance?



Guardian Angel now in print!

Hi, all! My erotic contemporary romantic suspense Guardian Angel is now in print!

Here’s the link for print:

Here’s the link for ebook:

Here’s the blurb ~

Someone needed to protect her…

With her partner dead and his dangerous associates after her, fear made Marie run—and drove her right into the arms of Jake Colder, the sheriff of the small town where she sought refuge. The sexual attraction between them is instant and intense, but even the taste of heated nights spent with Jake’s gorgeous hard body wrapped around her isn’t enough to let Marie relax her guard. If Jake knew what she’d done, he’d arrest her, exposing her to the deadly greed of the men who pursued. Still, as hard as she tries to stay away from the hunky sheriff, some inexplicable force keeps pulling them back together.

And that someone was Jake.

Jake knew Marie needed his protection. He’d been warned by the ghost of his great-great-grandfather, the family guardian for over a century. Whatever the trouble was, there was one thing he was sure of—he wanted Marie in his life, in his bed, forever, and no one was going to hurt her on his watch.





Happy Holidays!

I want to wish all a great holiday season. Hoping to have my next book out by the end of Spring.


Ok, so I’ve been working on the second book in the Mate Seeker Series and my keyboard is giving me fits. Hope to relaunch my adventure blog soon.

Spam Proliferates

You know I love to hear from my readers! But the amount of spam I get is incredible. I know I’m not unique in this but it still amazes me. Can anyone tell me what these folks get out of it?


Earthquakes In Va??

Some of you may know we’ve moved again and now we’re back in Virginia. And just when I think I’m finally settled in here comes the earthquake and we’ve got a hurricane pending this weekend. Hey, I’ve done the hurricane thing and some small tremors but the larger one is new. So much for adventure! Ya’ll stay safe and in the coming months I’ll post about my historical explorations over the last year and more.

Welcome to the New Year

Hi, all! Welcome to 2011. This year I hope to post some research on some of the places I’ve visited. Hope you will find them interesting and follow me on it!


Some slight changes!

Welcome to the new version of my site! Just a few tweaks!